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Tax-Free Talk, Enrollment Season Podcast, Ep. 1

Tax-Free Talk is a special benefits enrollment season podcast featuring host, Kathy Claimant.

In this funny, informative and engaging serial, Kathy Claimant hosts benefits superhero Captain Contributor. The superhero, star of the award-winning The Adventures of Captain Contributor employee education and engagement program, visits benefit enrollment season meetings to liven up the traditionally boring setting (and materials) and improve engagement so people better understand the healthcare and tax advantages of using FSAs, HSAs, and more. Captain Contributor is also called upon to vanquish his enemy, Doctor Decay, as the villain threatens the good citizens of Cape Town.

Tax-Free Talk, Episode 1

Introducing Tax-Free Talk, the enrollment season podcast hosted by Kathy Claimant. In episode 1, Kathy invites Captain Contributor to her show to discuss his origin and his mission. During the podcast, Captain Contributor pays a visit to Bob and Marge, third party administrators with No Hassle Benefits. Bob and Marge have discovered that enrollment season meetings are boring and that employees have a hard time understanding their benefits. The Captain has a unique solution to help put an end to boring benefits.

Can Captain Contributor save the day? Find out, in Tax-Free Talk, Episode 1 (7:33 run time).

Additional Information about Healthcare Benefit Accounts

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  • Should I Sign Up for a Flexible Spending Account? – For many working Americans, open enrollment season is coming up soon. The open enrollment period is when you have the opportunity to evaluate and sign up for insurance and other benefits, through your employer or through an exchange. Most companies offer a benefits plan which may include health, dental, life and vision insurance; some businesses also offer other options like commuter benefit accounts or consumer directed healthcare accounts. Depending on what benefits your company offers, you may be wondering – should I sign up for a Flexible Spending Account?
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