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VIDEO: Captain Contributor Explains FSAs

Flexible Spending Accounts are employer-sponsored accounts that enable participants to set aside money from each paycheck, before taxes, to help pay for IRS-approved, out-of-pocket medical expenses

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VIDEO: Betty the Benefactress Explains COBRA

" COBRA allows employees to keep their healthcare coverage under their employer’s group plan after they experience a qualifying event that would result in loss of coverage such as job loss, reduced

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VIDEO: Captain Contributor Explains HSAs

" A Health Savings Account is a tax-advantaged benefit account for people enrolled in a high-deductible health plan. Account owners make pre-tax contributions in order to pay for IRS-approved eligible

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VIDEO: Captain Contributor Explains Dependent Care Assistance Plans

" A Dependent Care Assistance Plan is an employer-sponsored benefit account that helps pay for the care of a qualified dependent. Each pay period, the employee makes a pre-tax contribution to the

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VIDEO: Captain Contributor Explains Transit Accounts

" Transit accounts (aka Commuter plans) are an employer-sponsored fringe benefit where employees can use set-aside money to help cover the cost of commuter expenses. If you travel to and from work,

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VIDEO: Captain Contributor Explains Benefits Debit Cards

" Benefits debit cards can link to any employer benefit account and enable employees to access their funds in FSAs, HSAs, HRAs, Dependent Care Assistance Plans and Transit Accounts. Watch this Benefits

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