VIDEO: Who is Captain Contributor?

Hi, I'm Captain Contributor!

"Hi, I’m Captain Contributor!  I’m a superhero on a mission to help people save money on their taxes. I used to be a tax man. However, one day I slipped into some radioactive goo and was bit by a rabid monkey. After I recovered, I developed some superpowers and made this cool outfit. Now I’m here to help you!"

After a series of freakishly unlucky events, a once meek tax man transforms into a superhero! Captain Contributor's origin story and his mission to help people save on their taxes is out of this world. And what's with that form-fitting leotard? Watch this video to learn more.

Powers and Abilities

  • Invincibility
  • Freezing breath ray
  • Martial arts
  • Flight
  • Extreme hearing
  • Really, really good with numbers

Betty the Benefactress - Captain Contributor's Super Partner

Betty the Benefactress Bio
Betty the Benefactress Powers

Unlike Captain Contributor, Betty the Benefactress hails from Earth. Furthermore, she has never been bitten by a monkey (radioactive or otherwise). As a former combat medic and EMT, Betty faces danger head-on. She also finds great meaning in helping people escape catastrophe.

One day, Betty sat in the park, reading her favorite benefits comic books. She paused from reading to watch Captain Contributor, her favorite benefits superhero. He happily fed the birds while helping a young couple escape from childcare expenses by explaining a Dependent Care Assistance Plan. A few moments later, he flew into the sky, and many of the birds soared away with him. Suddenly, an unexpected thunderstorm struck. Betty found herself quickly drenched with rain!

Eager to escape the downpour, she ran towards her car as fast as she could. Without warning, lightening struck her down. Dazed, she regained consciousness and discovered that her benefits comic books had melted into her skin. Even stranger, benefits information from the comic books surged through her brain like lightening in a bottle. From that point forward, Betty became Betty the Benefactress!

Supervillains - Captain Contributor and Betty's Arch Enemies

Captain Contributor

"Have you seen these villains?!? They spread false information about healthcare benefits. Keep your eyes open and stay vigilant!"