Who is that masked man and woman?

And what's with that form-fitting leotard?  Discover more about Captain Contributor and Betty the Benefactress!

Who is that masked man and woman?

And what's with that form-fitting leotard?  Watch this video to discover more.

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What is a Section 125 Cafeteria Plan?

Do you have fond memories of your school cafeteria? If not, here’s a joke for you. What’s the worst thing you’ll likely find in a school cafeteria? The food! Now that you’ve enjoyed another of my famously funny jokes, let’s keep the “cafeteria” discussion going by answering the question, “What >>

Can FSAs and HSAs Help with Back-to-School Shopping?

Here's a back-to-school joke:  What's the king of all school supplies? A ruler! Get it? Kings are rulers, and rulers are something schoolkids need ... yeah, OK, OK.But – did you know that Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA) can be used to pay for some school >>

What is an HRA?

Does an apple a day keep the doctor away? Only if you have good aim! HA HA HA! But what if you don’t have good aim but still need a doctor? An HRA may be able to help you pay for that service. If you don’t know what an HRA >>

Keep the ‘Fun’ in Summer Fun!

Here’s one of my favorite summer jokes for you. Do fish get a summer vacation? No, because they’re always in school! Get it? They travel in “schools.” No? Whatever…I think I’m funny! Seriously, though, summertime makes me happy. The sun is out, the weather is warm, and we can spend >>

What are HSAs?

After many years of building up their savings account balance, a wife tells her husband they have finally saved enough money to buy what they started saving for in 1999. Her husband says, “You mean a brand-new Cadillac?” The wife says, “No, a 1999 Cadillac.” Yep, saving money can sure >>

FSA Debit Cards: Easy and Convenient

What do you call a country that doesn't use payment cards? A Czech Republic! Get it? :-)Believe it or not, in 2022, only 55% of Americans wrote at least one check. Nearly half of us didn't write even one! That's because it's so easy and convenient to use debit cards. >>

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