Who is that masked man and woman?

And what's with that form-fitting leotard?  Discover more about Captain Contributor and Betty the Benefactress!

Who is that masked man and woman?

And what's with that form-fitting leotard?  Watch this video to discover more.

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What is a Summary Plan Description?

If you receive healthcare benefits from your employer, you should be given access to a Summary Plan Description (SPD). Your SPD provides essential details about your company's benefits plan and how it works. Required by law, the SPD defines plan eligibility, how benefits are calculated and paid, how to submit >>

FSAs, Status Changes, and Contributions

Here’s another of my famous jokes for you. Change is inevitable – except from vending machines. HA! 🙂  One of the possibly inevitable changes you may be facing in your own life is in your family status. As you know, such changes can affect your health insurance eligibility. But they >>

Sleep Relief and Your Benefits

What do you get when you eat cookies in bed? Crumby sleep! Get it, crummy sleep? That joke may or may not be funny, but what’s definitely not funny is when you do get crummy sleep. Getting enough rest is vital to our overall health and wellness. Keep reading to >>

Managing Stress with Benefit Accounts

A lot of people I talk to are dealing with stress. Long-term stress is unhealthy, of course, and thinking about that may stress you even more – but never fear, the Captain’s here! Let’s discuss stress management and how your benefit accounts can help. What is stress? Cleveland Clinic defines stress as >>

Workplace Eye Health

March is Workplace Eye Wellness Month, so “Eye’d” (HA!) like to talk with you about eye care. Due to the time spent in front of computer screens and the risk of injuries from hazards such as machinery or chemicals, it’s important to pay attention to workplace eye health. Workplace Computer >>

Mid-Year Status Changes and HSA Contribution Limits

Hey! Did you hear the one about the notebook that married a pencil? She finally found her Mr. Write! 🙂 (Honestly, I crack myself up!) If you are an HSA account owner and incur a life event that changes your health insurance coverage status (marriage, divorce, death of a spouse, >>

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