Who is that masked man and woman?

And what's with that form-fitting leotard?  Discover more about Captain Contributor and Betty the Benefactress!

Who is that masked man and woman?

And what's with that form-fitting leotard?  Watch this video to discover more.

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Enrollment Season: How Much Should I Put In My FSA? (Or HSA?)

Enrollment season is here and your company will likely be talking about benefits in the near future. If you participate in your employer’s plan, you’re probably wondering, “How much should I put in my FSA?” or “How much should I contribute to my HSA?” Unless you’re a psychic, budgeting for >>

What You Should Ask BEFORE You Open an HSA

Opening a Health Savings Account (HSA) can be easy and it can change your outlook on your personal healthcare. With the triple tax savings of tax-free contribution, withdrawals for eligible expenses, and earnings on interest and investments, an HSA makes a lot of sense for people who want a bigger >>

Should I Sign Up for a Flexible Spending Account?

Open enrollment season is right around the corner. Between September and December many companies start allowing their employees to sign up for benefits for the next year – which often includes health, dental, life and vision insurance; some businesses also offer other options like commuter benefit accounts or consumer directed >>

Pop Quiz! How Well Do You Know Your FSA/HSA Eligible Expenses?

It’s time for a pop quiz! Test your knowledge of eligible expenses for Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) with the following questions. The answers are below. (Don’t worry – I won’t grade your answers). Good luck! Pop Quiz – FSA/HSA Eligible Expense Questions My child is >>

Virtual Day Camp: Is this a DCAP Eligible Expense?

Back during enrollment season, many parents signed up to participate in a Dependent Care Assistance Plan (DCAP) through their employer. The intention behind a DCAP is that it allows people to put aside funds for child care and save some on taxes, since it is a pre-tax benefit. However, due >>

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