FSAs for Creative Christmas Stockings

Hey everybody! What do you call a bankrupt Santa???? Why, Saint “Nickel-less,” of course! 😆

With just a few days before the end of the year, Flexible Spending Account (FSA) owners who have an unspent balance need to think about spending it down. If your balance exceeds the Carryover limit, or your plan has a “use it or lose it” setup, not spending your funds before the end of the plan year could leave you “nickel-less,” too!

Did you know that there are some great Christmas stocking stuffers you can get with your FSA? Numerous over-the-counter (OTC) products don’t require a prescription or letter of medical necessity to qualify for FSAs. Pick some up the next time you’re at the pharmacy, or from the comfort of your couch by shopping at FSAStore.com or other online retailers.

6 Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas for your FSA

1. Lip Balms

What happens when you have chapped lips and get caught under the mistletoe? Lip balm to the rescue! When you buy lip balm that contains sunscreen, it’s eligible for FSA funds. Stock up for the whole family. Some brands even offer a Candy Cane flavor!

2. Baby Monitors

Did you welcome a little one to the family this year? This could prove to be an especially exhausting holiday season. It’s especially hard to keep a close eye on a newborn while trying to get some good sleep. Good news — FSA funds can be used to purchase a smart baby monitor. These use a camera and mobile app so you can watch from just about anywhere. Some models also offer advanced features like breathing, sound, and motion detectors to help you sleep easier.

3. Sinus Aids

I have sinus issues (yes, even superheroes can have sinus problems!) I love the strips that help you breathe better, but I forget to stock up. I’m sure I’m not the only one. Boxes of those strips fit nicely into Christmas stockings, and you can use your FSA for them! Sinus compression masks are also FSA-eligible.

4. Orthopedic braces

Is there an athlete in your life? Orthopedic braces always come in handy for sprains and pulled muscles. Back, knee, and ankle braces are some of the FSA-eligible stocking stuffers that can bring relief to your favorite fitness buff.

5. First aid kits

First-aid kits are a must-have for everyone. They provide peace of mind when not needed and can be literal lifesavers when a problem arises. Restock those pain relievers, antibiotic ointments, bandages, medical tape, and more with your FSA. You can also use your FSA to buy pre-packaged first-aid kits.

6. CPAP and Accessories

Few times of year get more hectic than the holidays, and to keep going, you really need your sleep. If you or a loved one has sleep apnea, though, you need to keep your CPAP machine in good working order to ensure you wake up feeling rested. CPAP sanitizing equipment and replacement items like masks, hoses, and filters are all FSA-eligible.

Ho, ho, ho! To avoid being “nickel-less” this holiday season, use your unspent FSA balance to help deliver a Merry Christmas. Make sure to use your benefits debit card and keep your receipts!