New Video: HSAs and the Menacing Meteor

HSAs and the Menacing Meteor

Just released for the 2018 enrollment season, Captain Contributor and Betty the Benefactress are back again in a new video about Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)! In this exciting new adventure – HSAs and the Menacing Meteor – the city is being attacked by falling fireballs from space as the benefits super duo spring into action to rescue people and help them better understand their HSAs.

Click below to watch:

HSAs and the Menacing Meteor


In the HSAs and the Menacing Meteor video, participants will learn about the many ways they can use their tax-advantaged healthcare benefit account. The thrilling new video covers the triple tax advantage, a range of eligible medical expenses, investing options, and retirement savings. This is the second HSA video featuring Captain Contributor; the first one was published in 2017. This also marks the third appearance by Betty the Benefactress who debuted in 2018; Betty is featured in Captain Contributor and the COBRA Catastrophe materials and was also in Captain Contributor and the FSA Pastry Problem video.

With an HSA, participants enjoy tax-free contributions to help them cover qualified out-of-pocket healthcare expenses. The average HSA participant saves between 30-40 percent on taxes, when taking into account Federal, State, and Local taxes, and Social Security contributions. Learn more about HSAs.

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