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Tax-Free Talk, Enrollment Season Podcast, Ep. 2

Tax-Free Talk is a special benefits enrollment season podcast featuring host, Kathy Claimant.

In this second edition of the Tax-Free Talk enrollment season podcast, Kathy Claimant follows benefits superhero Captain Contributor while he’s at a benefits enrollment meeting. The superhero, star of the award-winning The Adventures of Captain Contributor employee education and engagement program, helps Bob and Marge (third party administrators) liven up their benefits enrollment meeting by answering questions about FSAs, HSAs, Transit accounts, and more. All is going well until a nefarious foe with evil intentions starts to wreak havoc on Cape Town. Captain Contributor must spring into action to save the city – but is it too late?

Tax-Free Talk, Episode 2

Can Captain Contributor save the city from a candy crushing nightmare? Find out in Tax-Free Talk, Episode 2 (8:46 run time).

Click here to listen to Episode 1 of Tax-Free Talk.

Did you like what you heard in this enrollment season podcast? Captain Contributor has additional resources about healthcare benefit accounts

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  • Make a Commuter Benefits Account Work for You! – If you travel to and from work, you could be saving on those travel-related expenses with a Commuter (aka Transit) plan. A Transit/Commuter plan is an employer-sponsored fringe benefit where employees can use set-aside money to help cover the cost of commuter expenses. Learn more.
  • Video: HSAs and the Menacing Meteor  – Just released for the 2018 enrollment season, Captain Contributor and Betty the Benefactress are back again in a new video about Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)! In this exciting new adventure – HSAs and the Menacing Meteor – the city is being attacked by falling fireballs from space as the benefits super duo spring into action to rescue people and help them better understand their HSAs. Watch now!
  • Preparing for Enrollment Season – 5 Tips for Employees – For millions of people across the country, enrollment season is right around the corner. Each Fall, companies set aside a period of two to three weeks that allows employees to pick and choose which benefits they want for the upcoming year. It’s important to be prepared – after all, these decisions affect both your health and your wallet. With the following tips, you can improve your enrollment season.