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Tax-Free Talk, Enrollment Season Podcast, Ep. 3

Tax-Free Talk is a special benefits enrollment season podcast featuring host, Kathy Claimant.

In this third installment of Tax-Free Talk, an enrollment season podcast, benefits superhero Captain Contributor must spring into action to save injured citizens and inform them about their healthcare benefits accounts. All the while, Doctor Decay continues to cause chaos around the city. Not only do the citizens of Cape Town need medical care and benefits information, they need someone to step up and confront the villainous doctor. Can Captain Contributor come through?

Tax-Free Talk, Episode 3

Can Captain Contributor teach citizens about the importance of their benefit accounts and save the city?! Find out in Tax-Free Talk, Episode 3 (8:07 run time).

Episode 1

Listen to Episode 1 of Tax-Free Talk

Kathy Claimant introduces listeners to Captain Contributor, star of the award-winning The Adventures of Captain Contributor employee education and engagement program. Captain Contributor explains his mission to help people save on taxes through their employer sponsored benefit accounts. While on the air, the benefits super hero visits a local TPA to help them overcome the dreaded employee benefits meeting.

Episode 2

Listen to Episode 2 of Tax Free Talk

Bob and Marge, third party administrators with No Hassle Benefits, conclude their enrollment meeting. Before the meeting wraps up, Captain Contributor makes a special appearance and conducts a Q&A session to answer questions about FSAs, HSAs, and more. However, little do Bob and Marge know, they’ve been duped into helping Captain Contributor’s arch-nemesis.

Thank you for listening to Tax-Free Talk! Captain Contributor has additional resources about healthcare benefit accounts below:

For more information about about employer-sponsored benefit accounts, check out these enrollment season blogs and videos from the Captain:

  • What is an HRA and How Does it Work? –Your employer offers a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA), and you need to know what that means for you. An HRA is an employer-sponsored benefit plan funded solely by the employer that allows employees to receive reimbursement for qualified expenses.
  • HSA Contributions: Changing from Individual to Family Coverage  – If your status changes during the plan year, it can affect how much you can contribute to your Health Savings Account (HSA) for that year. Learn how a person’s HSA contribution limits can change due to a mid-year change of status.
  • VIDEO: Captain Contributor Explains Tax Savings – When considering an FSA, HSA, or HRA, you may be wondering – why should I sign up?  The answer is simple – saving money! Each account can save you money, but there are differences between them. Watch this video to learn more about tax savings!